Life can be stressful.

It’s easy to start to feel overwhelmed by the demands of everyday living.

It’s easy to start to put everyone else’s needs above your own.

It’s easy to go through life on auto-pilot, moving from one day to the next without taking the time to figure out what you really want or need.

It’s easy to feel like life is just happening to you, that your circumstances are too hard, and that there is no way things can get better.

But that’s not true. There’s a different way to live. A better way.

You can become the Queen of Self Care and start to take control of your life!


self care coaching


Do you want to feel like the Queen of your life?


A queen takes impeccable care of herself.

A queen says yes to things that light her up, and no to the things that drain her.

A queen delegates and asks for help when she needs it.

A queen does not try to do it all herself.

A queen feels powerful and peaceful.

A queen is in control of her mind, body, and spirit.

YOU are a queen. Now it’s time to start acting like it!

A note about Self Care:

Self care does not always mean a day at the spa.

It means taking time to take care of yourself everyday.

It means taking care of  your responsibilities so that they are not constantly weighing on you.

It means having the courage to let go of the things you no longer want to be responsible for.

It means finding ways to tune in to your intuition.

It means taking care of both your physical and emotional wellbeing.

It means taking radical responsibility for your relationships, your choices, and your life.

Are you ready to practice self care in this way?

Join us in Self Care Queen, a 6 month experience designed to help you banish stress, honor your needs, and rule your life!

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Enrollment closes on January 13th at 11:59pm.

What others women are saying:

“I feel your wisdom, confidence, openness, and love. And I think you spread it and help others feel that too in themselves. I’m more calm and relaxed. I really like the fact that there were like-minded women in the group. It gave me the sense of belonging and that I’m not alone.” – Kat

“I looked forward to our meetings each week. It gave me practical meditation exercises to incorporate into my life and I found myself stopping to do my mantras during the day. I loved meeting with you and the other women. It was so positive and comfortable. I especially enjoyed being able to share and listen to how others were dealing with their experiences. The format and meditation classes are very beneficial, especially for moms who often forget to put themselves first. It was a very positive space that was encouraging and forced me to concentrate on myself for at least one hour!” – Kelli

“I loved your meditation classes! I really enjoyed how you guided us through so many different meditations. It was fun and you had great tips for how to incorporate it all into everyday life even when I’m really busy with three kids. You are a true inspiration for moms everywhere!” – Angelle

“Each week helped me to remember that I deserve space, that I am whole, strong, that there is deeper essence amidst the daily necessity. It gave me space. It rejuvenated me. It was also very helpful to hear my own reply to your questions. To get to speak out loud and release allowed me to create more space, groundedness and clarity. I received really great ideas from hearing your stories and ways as well as the other women in the group. Ideas I would have never thought of that made life so much easier and helped me solve complicated challenges.” – Jeannine

“I loved feeling like I was a part of a group of open minded women. I loved hearing everyone’s honest experience. It was easy to share and easy to be heard. I believe connecting with other women instead of doing things alone is paramount for a happy life.” – Orly

“I’ve begun a journey to reintroducing self care into my life. It was great knowing I had these calls to connect with others who might be feeling the same things I am.” – Gabby

How it works:

SELF CARE QUEEN is a 6 month coaching program which includes monthly meditation classes, group coaching circles, and 1:1 coaching sessions. All calls will be held virtually, so that you can attend from anywhere in the world!

Each month will have a different monthly mantra and focus.

JANUARY: “I am sacred.”

We will explore different holistic methods to help you connect to your intuition. We will use guided meditations, gratitude practices, affirmations, and journaling as ways of connecting to our own inner wisdom.

FEBRUARY: “I love myself.”

During the month of love, we will discuss different ways to feel the greatest love of all – self love. We will dive deep into self care rituals and self love practices designed to help you love and honor yourself.

MARCH: “I am fully supported.”

Now that we have spent some time cultivating self love, it’s time to focus on our support systems. We will discuss relationships and take a good look at the support that you currently have in your life, as well as the areas in which you need more support. We will also learn conversation models to use when having difficult conversations and support you in asking for what you need.

APRIL: “My body is my temple.”

This month is all about body love. We will focus on different ways to nourish your body from the inside out including nourishing diets, various movement practices, and adornment. You will also learn different exercises to help you feel beautiful and well taken care of.

MAY: “My home is my castle.”

This month is all about making your home a sacred space. We will focus on decluttering, simplifying, and different ways to make your home feel like a true sanctuary.

JUNE: “I am sovereign.”

Our final month together will be all about stepping into your power and truly embodying the essence of the queen that you are. This month is all about making bold moves and necessary changes to feel completely in control of your life.

As a way of bringing all of these practices to life, you will be invited to attend an optional, in-person retreat at the Jersey shore in summer 2018 (dates TBD!).


By the end of our time together:

  • You will have created deep friendships that will last a lifetime.
  • You will feel fully alive and empowered.
  • You will be taking great care of yourself each and everyday.
  • You will easily and effortlessly say no to anything that is not in alignment with your desires.
  • You will be peaceful, present, and purposeful.
  • You will feel like the queen of your life

Price: $197/ month 

Here’s what’s included:

  • Monthly group meditation class – Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and quiet the mind. It is one of the most effective and simple ways to relieve stress and create feelings of peace and wellbeing. When we meditate as a group, the good energy is amplified. 🙂 Our monthly meditation classes will be a time to regain your center, de-stress, and unwind. They will be the perfect break from the busyness of life.
  • Monthly group coaching circle – Group coaching will be a vital component to our program. For those of us who have challenges with managing stress and anxiety, it is super important to be in community with others who share our struggles. Being part of this group will show you that you are not alone, that you are not crazy, and that there are many others out there who understand what you are going through. Together, we will support one another in healing anxiety so that we can live more positive, peaceful lives.
  • Monthly private coaching call with Ambar – Our private coaching calls will be a time for us to dig deeper into any challenges that you may be facing. You will have my undivided support and attention, and together we will work to create simple action steps to help you move toward your goals.
  • Unlimited email + FB messenger support
  • Private FB group for continued sharing in our community
  • As a member of this program, you will be invited to participate in an optional, in-person retreat held at the Jersey shore in summer 2018 (dates TBD)! This will be an opportunity to deepen our connections in person, in a sacred space! I am super excited to offer this retreat exclusively for the ladies who join us in Self Care Queen! 🙂
  • As an added bonus, I will be gifting 3 additional private coaching sessions to anyone who signs up for Self Care Queen by December 31st. That means that you will have some time alone with me before our group program starts, so that we can start getting to know each other better, figuring out your challenges and desires, and I can start to learn how to best support you in meeting your goals. It also means that you will have my support during the holiday season, so that I can truly support you in feeling peaceful, present, and loving during this busy time of year.

Price: $197/ month 

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Enrollment closes on January 13th at 11:59pm.

Hi there! I’m Ambar and I am a Wife, Mama, Self Care Coach and Stress Relief Specialist.

After struggling with anxiety most of my life, I spent the better part of my twenties using alcohol, drugs, and prescription pills as a way to numb myself from the stresses of everyday life. It wasn’t until I discovered yoga and meditation back in 2007 that I started turning toward a more holistic lifestyle. Since then, I’ve learned countless strategies, tools, and techniques that  have completely transformed my life. I’ve spent the last 10 years devoted to learning as much as I can about stress management, and now I want to share what I’ve learned with you!

I am on a mission to help other women heal, to learn to not only manage stress and anxiety, but to completely overcome it, and to learn a better way to live! 

A calm, peaceful, & happy life is within reach. It all starts with prioritizing your own self care and taking simple, consistent steps that lead to major transformation. 

Right now, at this point in my life, I AM ADDICTED TO CALM.

And I want to help you get hooked on it too! 

Are you in?  


This program is perfect for you if:

  • You are ready to stop feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed
  • You are open to learning natural tools for healing anxiety
  • You are ready to look at the negative thoughts, habits, and beliefs that are holding you back from living your best life
  • You would love to be a part of a small, supportive group of women who share similar goals
  • You are tired of trying to figure things out on your own
  • You are ready to receive guidance and a clear action plan to follow
  • You are ready to become the queen of your life, prioritize your own needs, and know and trust that you have the power to create a life beyond your wildest dreams!


We start on January 15th!

Sign up now to receive the following bonuses:

  • 3 free 1:1 coaching sessions to be used at any time, either before our program starts, or at any time that you need some extra support throughout our time together! These sessions are designed to give you personalized attention and help you break through any challenges you may be experiencing.


Enrollment closes on January 13th at 11:59pm.

It would be my honor to support you on your journey to improving your own wellbeing, and teach you how to use self care as a beautiful way to heal any stress and anxiety that you may be experiencing.

Peace for new moms

Wishing you more peace and joy than you can imagine. Join us today!

Be well,