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Life can get crazy. Life as a mom can get crazier.

Becoming a mother opens you up to a wide range of intense emotions.

First there’s the good:

You’ve created a precious little love child! It’s a miracle and you’re elated. There are so many snuggles and so much sweetness. Your baby’s laugh is the most wonderful sound you’ve ever heard. Your heart is full of more love and joy than you ever knew existed. You get to watch your baby grow from a helpless newborn into an independent child. It’s truly amazing. You experience the world through a child’s eyes and life becomes magical. It’s the best thing you’ve ever been a part of and you’re so aware of how special this is. You’re so happy, glowing, and overjoyed. You are truly blessed and you know it.

Then there’s the bad:

You precious baby won’t stop crying! Your little love child doesn’t sleep! You’re so tired. Your child falls, gets hurt, or gets sick. You are overcome with worry, start Googling solutions and drive yourself crazy. Your child demands constant attention. You have no time to yourself. Your house is filled with more toys and gadgets than you ever knew existed. There’s constant noise. So much noise that you’ve forgotten what one minute of peace and quiet even sounds like. You have very little time and an ever growing to-do list. You are overwhelmed and exhausted. This is so hard. You wonder how you will do this.

Motherhood is an exercise in extremes. There is SO MUCH LOVE. And so much responsibility.

Before I became a mother I had a very peaceful life. I was the queen of self care; I had regular spa appointments, date nights with my husband, and lunches with my girlfriends. My home was neat and orderly, and I had plenty of time to myself to go for walks, take yoga classes, and veg out on the couch reading or watching Bravo. Then I entered motherhood, and those things changed drastically.

But, I have found a way to create peace in the chaos and I want the same for you.

Yoga, meditation, and various wellness practices have been my saving grace in life. In my early adulthood, they helped me to naturally heal a decade long struggle with anxiety and depression. When I got pregnant, I was able to use these foundational tools to have a calm and beautiful pregnancy. They helped make my first year as a mother the most peaceful and purposeful year of my life, despite all of the challenges that came with being a new mom and they have helped me create a positive and intentional life for my family as my daughter evolves and grows. I am on a mission to share these tools with others in order to help make the world a more happy and peaceful place.

What is Holistic Living?

Quite simply, holistic living is taking care of yourself as a whole: mind, body, and spirit. It means making sure that every area of your wellbeing is prioritized so that you can find peace and balance amidst all of your obligations and responsibilities.

Benefits of Holistic Living:

  • Use simple wellness practices to keep your mind, body, and spirit happy
  • Incorporate self care into your busy life
  • Utilize specific yoga poses to help you feel good in your body
  • Nourish yourself with food that makes you feel great
  • Use natural methods to strengthen immunity and promote health in yourself and your loved ones
  • Simplify your home environment
  • Reduce toxins for healthier everyday living
  • Manage stress and shift your mindset to create more peace and happiness
  • Have a more positive perception of yourself and the world around you

Living a holistic lifestyle can help you in many ways, most importantly in feeling more peace and joy than you ever knew was possible.

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Be well,