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Hi friend!

I know a thing or two about stress management.

Actually, I know more than a thing or two.

When my mom passed away in 2001, I hit rock bottom and was thrown into the depths of anxiety and depression.

I spent years of my life highly medicated, turning to alcohol, drugs, and whatever I could get my hands on to numb the pain I was feeling and the emotions that I had no idea how to manage.

At my ultimate bottom, I was living a life where I was quite literally NEVER sober, I had dropped out of all of my college classes, stopped showing up to my job, had piles of credit card bills that I was too overwhelmed to even open, and was stuck in a toxic relationship.

In 2007, I read the book “The Secret” and discovered a new way of looking at the world. Little by little, I started to take back control of my life.

I let go of the dysfunctional relationship I had been clinging to. I stopped drinking every night. I started reading self development books, practicing yoga, meditating, and developing my own spiritual practice.

My entire life started to change, as a direct result of the new tools I was learning and incorporating into my life.

I stopped doing drugs. I started showing up to my college classes. I found a new job. I started to feel better. I was able to wean myself off of all prescription pills. I met my now husband. I started to have a positive relationship for the first time in my life. We eventually got engaged, then married, and moved to the beach, the place where I had always dreamed of living.

heal your anxiety

Now, 10 years later, I am living a life beyond my wildest dreams. I never imagined that I could be one of “the happy people”. But, I’ve turned into one of the happiest people I know!

It’s not that I never get anxious or down anymore. It’s that I now have the tools to manage and cope with these feelings. So whereas back when I was in my 20s, anxiety and depression kept me down for years… now I know what to do immediately, so that when these feelings creep up, I can shift my way out of them in a couple of days, hours, and sometimes even minutes.

I revisited these tools when I started to feel anxiety in the beginning of my pregnancy, and went on to have a peaceful & sacred pregnancy.

I used all of these techniques to support me in falling in love with my new life stage as a new mom.

When I quit my job last year, they are what helped keep me sane while adjusting to my new lifestyle.

I am currently working these tools every single day to keep my anxiety from taking over while managing the everyday chaos of mothering a toddler and building an online business.

They work every single time!

This is what I want to teach everyone who struggles with managing their emotions and creating a happy and peaceful life!

It doesn’t have to take you 10 years to figure this out. I’ve put together everything that I’ve learned over my last decade devoted to stress management, and created my signature coaching packages.

self care for moms

I am a woman on a mission.

My Big Why:
After struggling with crippling anxiety for most of my life, I finally healed by using holistic methods of stress relief and devoting myself to self care. As a new mom, I had to redefine my definition of self care… it no longer meant spa days and hours of relaxation time. Instead I learned that self care is really about simplifying; saying yes to the things that light me up, no to the things that drain me, & incorporating moments of peace into my everyday life. I now feel calmer and more peaceful than ever before. I want to help other women learn that it is possible to not only survive life with anxiety, but to thrive, that healing is possible, and that it is not as hard as you might think. I try to live what I teach and embody this message every day. By prioritizing my own wellbeing, I am a better woman, wife, and mother.

My Why for the World:
When women learn to take great care of themselves, it has a positive impact on everyone in their lives. When we take time to fill ourselves up, we are better capable of serving our families, our friends, and the world.

Women who practice self care and learn to heal stress and anxiety are teaching their children to do the same. We create a new paradigm where there is no longer a stigma around mental health, where stating how you are feeling and asking for help is normal, where there is no shame in talking about your emotions or your desires.

Our children grow up in a world where taking care of themselves is second nature, and managing their emotions in healthy ways is a natural part of everyday life. We create a new generation of happy, healthy, self sufficient adults. We make the world a better place by leaving a legacy of self sufficiency instead of self sacrifice.

If you are struggling with anxiety and depression, let me help you. If you are feeling unhappy or unfulfilled by your life, I want to show you how to change it! You don’t have to suffer alone.

If you are reading these words and they are speaking to you.. I encourage you schedule a complimentary session! Let me help you create a life beyond your wildest dreams. It’s simpler than you think and I’m confident that if you follow this guidance system, you will look back 3 months from now and realize that your whole life is different. Peace for new moms

Wishing you a life full of peace and happiness. You deserve it!

Be well,


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